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NVQ Diploma in Controlling Lifting Operations (Construction), Levels 2, 3 and 6

The only way to gain a blue Construction Plant Competence Scheme (CPCS) competent operator card is by completing the relevant NVQ Diploma in Controlling Lifting Operations. Whether you want to upgrade a red CPCS trained operator card or work straight towards a blue competent operator card, if you have not already carried out the CPCS technical test, the relevant NVQ must be completed.

The process begins with a candidate profiling session that usually lasts between two and three hours, to explain the NVQ process and ensure candidates are aware of their obligations. We suggest that the candidate’s line manager / foreman joins in on this process as a lot of the evidence required to compile the candidate’s NVQ portfolio is witness related and we require a member of staff to act as a Work Based Recorder to verify any information submitted to the portfolio.

Each NVQ is comprised of units of competence, and the NVQ is completed by building up a portfolio of evidence to prove the operator’s competence and knowledge. Throughout the course of the NVQ assessment, visits will be required for each unit of competence when the assessor is satisfied that there is enough evidence for each unit. Assessment visits will usually last between one and two hours per candidate.

The category of lifting operation you require will determine which level NVQ Diploma you will need, as outlined below:

NVQ Diploma in Controlling Lifting Operations (Construction) Level 2

  • Slinger / signaller

NVQ Diploma in Controlling Lifting Operations (Construction) Level 3

  • Supervising lifts (crane / lifting supervisor)

NVQ Diploma in Controlling Lifting Operations (Construction) Level 6

  • Planning lifts (appointed person)

To book a course or to discuss your requirements with a member of our team, contact us now on 01395 446446 or email