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Crane and lifting accessories


We can provide everything needed to maximise the efficient use of crane equipment, including:


Brick and Block Grabs


  • We can move 88 blocks up several lifts in minutes.


Flying Forks


  • With good planning, get those awkward heavy loads placed at height

  • Weather proof packs of plaster board placed at first or second floor can save money on labour and damage


Man Cages

  • For those short duration jobs

  • Cleaning gutters, windows, etc.

  • Cut out the risk of fall from ladders and light weight scaffolding

  • No special training required for staff to operate mobile access equipment


Concrete Skips

  • Lay down banana type:

    • From 0.5m³ to 1.00m³

  • Stand up skips:

    • From 0.5m³ to 1.00m³


Lifting Beams

  • 100 ton over and under lifting beams

  • Compatible spacer beams

  • 5 ton capacity

  • 4.8m in length

Please note the images above are for illustrative purposes only.


To discuss your crane and / or lifting accessories requirements with a member of our team, Contact Us now.