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Lifting accessories for every job

People and companies hire a mobile crane for a variety of purposes – some straightforward lifting of steels or roof trusses but many others for more varied work, which can require specialist equipment. Carter Crane Hire has a wide range of accessories that can be hired to assist on site:

Specialist skips – Carter Crane Hire can provide everything from standard skips to forklift tipping, standard

tipping and centre-pour column skips. We find that the centre-pour column skips are particularly popular with building sites where reinforced concrete is being used.

Brick and block grabs – these are very popular with builders and brickies everywhere, as they can lift 88 blocks up several lifts in minutes rather than carrying them two at a time up ladders. For two-storey houses our smaller HIAB can be used, keeping costs down – the only requirement is that the truck can get close to the scaffold. For multi-storey buildings, over a long distance or over a high building, a crane with a long extension can be used.

Flying forks (with nets) – used for lifting pallets or heavy loads such as large plasterboard packs into place on upper floors. They can save on labour and damage to goods that would have had to be carried upstairs. Again, very popular with builders and contractors.

Lifting beams – a more specialist item often used for lifting caravans, and other wide loads. For a caravan or mobile home, beams are placed under the load-bearing chassis with a corresponding beam above, so the padded straps cannot damage its sides when pulled taut.

Personnel cages – often known as man cages, these are excellent for short-term jobs such as cleaning gutters and windows, small roof repairs or fixing aerials. They cut out the risk of anyone falling from a ladder or lightweight scaffolding and are very easy to operate with no specialist training.

Fabric slings – very useful for lifting boats or items with an unusual shape. Carter Plant Hire has slings for lifting from 1 tonne to 24 tonnes. For very large boats we can undertake what is called a tandem lift, when two or more cranes synchronise their work. Radios and hand signals from the slinger/signaller are used to ensure the team works as one to smoothly lift the boat onto its cradle.

Grillage – a vital piece of kit for any crane operator. There is no guarantee that the piece of ground that the crane needs to sit on will be flat, level or dry. Grillage consists or heavy-duty pieces of timber that can be placed under the outriggers to give a solid, stable base for the crane and its load. They are absolutely vital on sloping sites, as the crane must be level when in operation.

Safe Fall safety equipment – this is a worthwhile piece of safety equipment used where people are working at height. The Fall Arrest bags are supplied as complete sealed units with impact absorbent material enclosed. These lightweight bags are placed below areas with a fall risk.

Carter Crane Hire mainly operates in the South West: Devon, Cornwall, Somerset and Dorset, although we are happy to travel further if required.

If you would like more information on the lifting accessories available for hire from the Carter Group please contact us or telephone 01395 446 446.


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