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Safety first when working at height

The Safe Fall soft landing system In stock at our premises for immediate delivery or collection.

The Safe Fall Soft Landing System is a fall arrest solution to be used where there is a need to protect personnel whilst working or exposed to a risk from a fall from height. The Fall Arrest Bags are all supplied as complete sealed units with specialist impact absorbent material already enclosed. We offer an on-site installation training programme to enable you to move and place bags safely with maximum benefit to those at risk. This is a flexible and portable system offering a proven cost effective solution to replace or complement conventional safety staging systems, and it is already used extensively in construction and for vehicle unloading operations.

Fall Arrest Bags have been subjected to stringent tests by the British Research Establishment (BRE) to ensure their compliance with the latest BSI PAS59 standards. For more information go to our web page, contact us or phone 01395 446 446.

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