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Stocked at our premises

The Safe Fall System, available for hire through Carter Plant Hire, is a reassuringly safe, cost effective and portable solution for absorbing the impact from a fall working at height. Accidents due to working at height cost, on average, over nine days pay and sick leave to staff and employers – but this need not be the case. Your Work Planner may decide that this versatile, lightweight, portable solution can act as a primary or secondary defence system.

Working height:

Ground level to 2.70m = 1 x layer of Standard (2.5m x 600 x 600) bags

Ground level to 4.2m = 2 layers of Standard (2.5m x 600 x 600) bags

  • Hired out under CPA Terms and Conditions (Model Condition 1G) 

  • Bags can be collected or delivered to site.

  • Our trained personnel will provide instructions to your installers in preparation, installing procedures, care and good handling techniques.


A Certificate of Testing and working pack from Forest Products are provided.

To see how we can help you with your project, please contact us.

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