Specialist Caravan & Mobile Home Lifting

Experience is vital when it comes to lifting and positioning caravans and mobile homes – because we have been doing this for many years you can be sure of a safe, professional service.

We can place lodges, mobile homes and/or caravans with our specialist lifting equipment comprising overhead and under/through chassis lift beams  tested to a maximum of 10 tonnes capacity; these only use or contact the chassis of the units and keep the lifting strops well away from the eaves and sides, eliminating any potential damage.

​Multiple lifting for caravan parks can be arranged in most parts of the UK (subject to duration of the contract). Packages can be tailored to suit your requirements with Carter Group providing cranes, lift gear, professional lift team, etc.

The Carter Group offers mobile home and caravan lifting to companies or individuals on CPA Standard Lift or Contract Lift terms and conditions, so contact us for a quote.

Caravan platform+grillage

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