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How the weather can affect lifting operations

As the UK is hit by snow, ice and high winds again it is worth a short explanation on how extreme conditions can affect crane lifting at all times of the year.

Weather can affect a lift in several ways:

  • Heavy snow and ice can sometimes stop a mobile crane from getting to site or make moving around site difficult and dangerous;

  • In the very coldest weather brickies and other trades cannot work, which can delay the lifting of roof trusses or steels for as long as it takes them to catch up;

  • High winds can stop all lift operations at any time of the year, as it may be difficult to control loads safely;

  • Heavy rain can make ground conditions difficult, so that grillage may be needed to support the weight of the crane and sites may become waterlogged making it difficult for the crane to move around safely;

  • Mist and fog can limit visibility making it difficult for the crane driver and slinger/signaler to communicate or see what they are lifting;

  • Very hot weather can soften tarmac meaning that additional grillage may be needed to support the weight of the crane in order to avoid damage to the surface.

Some of these issues can be overcome with careful planning but, ultimately, nobody can control the weather, so it is important to communicate any change in site conditions to your crane contractor so that they can do their best to mitigate any adverse effect.

Carter Plant Hire operates all year round and there are very few things that stop us working – if in doubt, give us a call – we are always happy to offer advice.

If you would like to get further details on any of the services offered by Carter Plant Hire, please contact us or telephone 01395 446 446.

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