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Construction - lifting operations

  • Appointed Person: Wheeled mobile, Crawler, Lorry mounted, Tower, Other

  • Slinger/Signaler: Wheeled mobile, Crawler, Lorry mounted, Tower, Lorry loader, Overhead Gantry, Side-boom, Excavator, Other

  • Marine Knuckle-boom Crane

  • Lorry Loader: Clamshell bucket (grab), Crane swivel hook, Brick/block clamp, Vehicle Lifting frame

  • Mobile Crane: Wheeled mobile, Portal, Lorry mounted, Trailer mounted

  • Crawler Crane

  • Compact Crane: Static, Pick & carry duties, Pedestrian operated

  • Remote Control Tower Crane

  • Overhead Crane: Pendant controlled, Remote control, Cab mounted

  • Tower Crane

  • Telescopic Handler: Up to 9 metres, Up to 9 metres including 360 slew, All sizes excluding 360 slew, All sizes including 360 slew. Optional: Suspended loads. 
    Industrial tele-handler - Up to 9 metres, Above 9 metres

  • Rough Terrain Lift Truck: Masted, Industrial use only

  • Industrial Counterbalanced Lift truck: Up to 5 ton, Up to 15 ton, Above 15 ton, Pedestrian, Stand-on counterbalance


Construction - general

  • Safety awareness: 7-hour or 4-hour courses

  • Cable avoidance tool: Cat and Jenny, RD400

  • Abrasive wheels: Cutting off wheels, Diamond tipped/bonded discs, Cylinder wheels - bench mounted. Optional: Petrol driven cut-off saw.

  • Harness and Fall Arrest

  • Plant Machinery Marshal

  • Vehicle Marshal

  • Safe working at height



Construction - plant specific

  • MEWP Scissor: Static Mobile or Mobile Vertical

  • MEWP Boom: Static Boom or Mobile Boom

  • Agricultural Tractor: PTO Drive - Trailer, Grass Cutter, Compressor, Winch

  • Excavator 360: Wheeled, Tracked, Below 1 ton, Above 5 ton, Articulated. Optional: Excavator as Crane, Quick Hitch Awareness.

  • Excavator 180: Wheeled, Tracked, Below 1 ton, Above 5 ton, Articulated. Optional: Excavator as Crane, Quick Hitch Awareness.

  • Excavator Micro 360 (up to 1 ton): Wheeled, Tracked. Optional: Quick Hitch Awareness

  • Landfill Compactor

  • Road Roller (Articulated / Vibrating / Rigid / Heavy Duty): Pedestrian controlled, Dead weight

  • Forward Tipping Dumper: Wheeled, Tracked, 180 Tipping, Mini Dumper (up to 1 ton)

  • Rear Tipping Dump Truck: Wheeled, Tracked, Below 1 ton, Above 10 ton, Articulated, Rigid

  • Dozer

  • Side Boom

  • Loading Shovel: Wheeled, Tracked

  • Crusher

  • Screener

  • Grader: Wheeled, Tracked. Optional: Dozer blade, Scarifier.

  • Materials re-handler: Wheeled, Tracked, Up to 5 ton, Up to 10 ton, Above 10 ton

  • Skid Steer Loader: Wheeled, Tracked, Stand-on

  • Skip Lorry

  • Plant Mover (non-operational)


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Installation Power Buggy Rental
Installation Power Buggy Rental
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