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Saving you time and money - Case study

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

Carter Plant Hire has been making full use of its latest lorry loader on behalf of clients by transporting a full load of concrete blocks to site and then lifting them to their optimum positions for the builders. Whilst on site we lifted several trusses into place making the most of the benefits of using this vehicle.

The advantages of this for our customers are:

  • Saves money - no need to hire different machinery or contractors to transport and lift items.

  • Improves efficiency/time management - fewer logistical/coordination challenges.

  • Saves labour time and money - brickies/chippies can immediately get on with what they do best.

In this case blocks were being transported and lifted but it could equally have been gypsum panels, trusses, roofing or landscaping materials.

Carter Plant Hire operates several mobile cranes of different sizes as well as lorry loaders as shown above. Please feel free to contact us or telephone 01395 446446 if you are interested in our services. We will be happy to help.

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