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CPA Crane Hire or CPA Contract Lift - a quick guide

Before you even think about which type of crane you need, you first need to decide which type of crane hire is best for you – do you simply require a crane and operator, or do you need a more comprehensive service?

In which case, a professional plant hire company such as Carter’s is ideal. We can plan the operation, provide the equipment with a trained team of professionals and then fulfil the whole lift process on your behalf complying with all of the regulations and providing insurance. Alternatively, we are happy to hire just the crane and its operator. The choice is yours.

This quick guide will help you to understand the difference between Standard CPA Crane Hire and CPA Contract Lift.

Get in touch with Carter Crane Hire

We are experts in everything to do with lifting, so we will make the process of hiring a crane with standard CPA Crane Hire or CPA Contract Lift Hire straightforward. We like to think of ourselves as a one-stop-shop for all your lifting needs.

Our competent person would be happy to come out on-site and do a free, no obligation site survey. We can also generate a thorough and detailed method statement for you. We will do all we can to ensure the safety ad success of your lifting operations.

For further information on any aspect of our services, please contact us or telephone 01395 446446

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