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Craning mobile homes - a job with a view

As the summer progresses, there is no let up in the number of mobile homes and caravans that Carter Plant Hire is asked to move - many of the them in spectacular coastal locations. Given the beautiful weather we have been experiencing, not a bad job to have!

There is always another side to this sort of job though - many sites are on a steep slope, which may maximize the views, but it also adds to the health and safety considerations when lifting the units into place.

In order to level the crane and provide a firm base for the outriggers, grillage is used. This consists of large, heavy pieces of timber that can be stacked to the appropriate height and placed beneath the outriggers to form a stable platform for the huge forces exerted as the caravan/mobile home is lifted. Of course, it also protects the ground surface from damage by spreading the load.

This is just one of the many ways that Carters can demonstrate their professional approach to customer service and safety.

If you have a site that requires specialist equipment, please feel free to contact us or telephone 01395 446 446, as we have a range of items that complement our crane hire services.

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