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Lifting a dryer unit - case study

This week Carter Plant Hire have been with one of our regular customers, lifting a new dryer unit into place at Red Linhay Farm.

They already have an Anaerobic Digestor, so installing a Biomass and Waste Dryers, which can be used on woodchip, digestate, grass, straw, animal manure, and many other types of materials, will make the process even more efficient. The main reason for drying biomass is to increase the combustion efficiency by removing moisture from the biomass products.

The businesses on the farm site are self-supporting. Some of the arable land is used to produce feedstock for the Anaerobic Digestor plant, with the product spread back onto the fields. Straw from the wheat crops supplies the straw pelleting business is sold to pet suppliers as cat litter.

An efficient, energy saving and environmentally friendly process.

This type of work is core to the Carter Plant Hire business, so if you need any large structure lifted into place, please contact us or telephone 01395 446446.

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