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Lifting glazing - when accuracy is key

Lifting glass panels – when a delicate touch is needed You may have watched that moment of jeopardy in TV building projects such as Grand Designs, when enormous panes of glass are lifted into place and everyone on site holds their breath until the windows are safely fixed in place. Well, managing that sort of risk is part of the job for any professional crane operator. Every crane lift has an element of jeopardy and it is the responsibility of the entire Lift Team to work together to ensure a successful outcome.

In the case of lifting windows, scaffolding is often in place meaning that there is very little room to drop the windows between the scaffolding and walls.

In these situations the role of slinger/signaller cannot be underestimated. Inevitably, the Crane Operator is sitting in a cab some distance from the object being lifted, whereas the signaller can get a closer, clearer view of the lift as it is in progress and direct the Crane Operator through the standard method of remote communication (hand signals or walkie-talkie). A delicate touch on the controls is vital as the smallest mistake can be expensive, which is why it is so important to use an experienced, professional crane hire company when lifting anything breakable.

Weather conditions

Obviously, the weather can have an impact on especially delicate crane operations, so must be considered when planning to lift windows or any other easily breakable object. Electric storms, strong winds, heavy rain, ice or snow, can impose loads on a crane and adversely affect the safety and accuracy of crane operations; and poor visibility can make communication with other Lift Team members difficult. In very poor conditions a lift may have to be re-scheduled – it is the Lift Supervisor’s responsibility to decide whether it is safe to continue.

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