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Mobile homes are on the move

At this time of the year many caravan and mobile home parks as well as private owners are updating their properties and, despite the pandemic (or maybe because of it) this year is no exception.

Carter Crane Hire is one of the few specialist companies that can lift a structure of this kind. The park owner will provide a solid concrete base, either single or double-unit size, with the services specified, and we come along with one of our large cranes and specialist lifting beams to put it in place.

Caravans and mobile homes are relatively delicate structures built onto a robust chassis. To lift them, heavy-duty beams are placed beneath the chassis with spacer beams above linked by padded strops to protect the sides of the building, especially the eaves, from damage as they are pulled taut during the lift. This is specialist equipment provided by very few crane hire companies, so make sure you ask the right questions if you shop around.

Where a caravan and mobile home park is on a steeply sloping site, extensive grillage is used to ensure the crane remains level during use. Grillage consists of heavy-duty hardwood timber beams that are placed beneath the crane’s outriggers to keep it stable and to protect the ground surface from the weight imposed by the crane and its load.

Precision is needed at all times, not just to successfully lift the structure, but also to avoid other caravans that are nearby, as is the case with most park homes. Carter Crane Hire has years of experience in this sort of work and has had to overcome every possible situation, so you will be in safe hands should you chose to use us.

We will supply a full CPA Contract Lift package of Lift Team, Lift Plan with risk assessment, method statement and insurance. If you have your own Appointed Person and Lift Team, we are happy just to supply the crane and its operator with the specialist beams and grillage.

Although based in the south west we are happy to work in most parts of the UK for multiple lifts, subject to the duration of the contract.

If you would like more information on any of the services offered by the Carter Group please contact us or telephone 01395 446 446.

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