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Case study - Sandy Park glazing with a difference

This week we have again been at the new Courtyard Exeter Sandy Park Hotel (Marriott) at the home of the Exeter Chiefs rugby team.

This time we were working with SystemGlaze to lift window glass into a deep recess at the top of the building. This is a tricky operation requiring skill and a delicate touch from both the crane operator and the person operating the cantilever beam.

We were working with a Libro 2500 overhang beam with 3D battery vacuum lifter. This clever device allows its operator accurate remote control positioning up and down, left and right as well as giving rotation in order to place the glass in the perfect position for fitting.

Work on the hotel is moving quickly towards completion with its opening due in the next few months.

Vacuum suckers from the cantilever beam attached to the glazing before lifting

Beam being lifted into place by the crane. The platform for the remote control operator is raised separately.

Ben Carter lifting the glazing and cantilever beam into position. The remote operator is on the platform.

Glass in position.

If you would like more information on the services provided by the Carter Group please contact us or telephone 01395 446 446.

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