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Topsham timber frame - case study

Carter Plant Hire has been working with Westructure Timber Frame Ltd on a new property in the historic heart of Topsham near Exeter.

Access to the site is extremely tight and, therefore, Ben Carter took a lorry loader with HMF crane to do the lifting. This has the advantage of being more manoeuvrable than a mobile crane but is still able to lift heavy loads.

In this instance, we collected and lifted the complete timber frame into place along with 10 metre trusses and spandrel panels.

Given that the narrow road was blocked for the entirety of the lift, speed and accuracy were key to keeping disruption to a minimum.

If you would like a quotation for crane hire or our smaller Lift & Shift HIAB, please contact us or call 01395 446 446. We will be happy to help.

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