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What is grillage?

Mobile cranes, such as those owned and operated by Carter Plant Hire, are often required to work on sites when ground conditions are less than ideal. This could be because they slope, because the surface needs to be protected or because it is too soft to support the weight of the crane whilst it is lifting heavy objects.

In these circumstances we use grillage. Grillage consists or heavy-duty pieces of timber that can be placed under the outriggers to give a solid, stable base for the crane and its load. They are absolutely vital on sloping sites, as the crane must be level when in operation. They spread the load, protect the ground surface from damage and stop the crane from sinking when the ground is soft.

As you can imagine, there are huge forces placed on the crane and its outriggers when a heavy item is lifted and good quality, sturdy grillage is key to ensuring that the crane remains safe and steady.

If you have a site that requires specialist equipment, please feel free to contact us or telephone 01395 446 446, as we have a range of items that complement our crane hire services.

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