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Business is booming!

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Business is increasing fast now we are out of lockdown

It is only a few weeks since England came out of lockdown and the construction industry started up again but Carter Plant Hire has seen a huge increase in work, especially Contract Lifts.

We are heavily involved with the new hotel being built at Sandy Park in Exeter and continue to work with a list of valued clients throughout Devon, Cornwall, Somerset and Dorset. With the boating and yachting fraternities racing to get back into the water and mobile home and caravan parks preparing for an influx of staycation visitors, we find ourselves in demand.

However welcome this is, we cannot forget the impact of Coronavirus. Therefore we will keep playing our part to limit any second spike of this devastating disease by continuing to practice within government guidelines on social distancing, and PPE, and taking great care on site and when meeting clients and their personnel.

We are also protecting our own people and ensuring that we consider their overall wellbeing as much as their physical health.

Contract Lifting

We can only speculate as to why there is an increase in Contract Lift work but it could be because there are fewer personnel available to complete the paperwork or take on the duties of the wider Lift Team due to illness or furlough; or maybe there is so much work to catch up on that people are too busy to create Lift Plans and know that Carter Plant Hire can do this quickly and efficiently on their behalf and also supply additional personnel such as slinger/signallers to assist with each lift.

Whatever the reason, we are only too happy to continue to provide our customers, new and old, with the service should they expect from a professional company.

Please contact us if you would like more information on the services offered by Carter Plant Hire or EB Construction Training.

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