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Lifting mobile homes, caravans and lodges

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

There are specific challenges when it comes to lifting mobile homes, caravans and lodges into place:

  • Overhanging eaves and lightweight materials mean they can be easily damaged

  • They are often placed on sloping sites

  • Sites can be affected by bad weather and high winds

  • There may be overhead obstructions such as power lines or trees

  • Site access may be restricted

So, how can these issues be overcome?

Protecting the structure from damage

In order to protect overhanging eaves and put minimum pressure on the lightweight cladding of the caravan, lodge or mobile home at Carter Crane Hire we only ever lift from the chassis using wide lifting beams capable of supporting up to 10 tonnes with padded strops and slings for further protection.

Of course, the same principles apply when we are lifting garden buildings, sheds and hot tubs into place – they also need care to prevent damage to the structural integrity of the item and protect the surface finish.

Often they are lifted over a building and into a back garden, so there is a high probability that there will be other buildings, power lines and trees to avoid. These issues will all be assessed by us and a full Contract Lift Plan will be provided to show what measures have been put in place to ensure safety.

Any good mobile crane hire company will assess the site in advance the make sure they can bring along any additional equipment needed to ensure a safe and successful lift. This may include what is called ‘grillage’ - heavy-duty hardwood timber beams that are placed on the ground surface below the crane’s ground support mats to prevent damage to the road or ground surface.

Sloping sites

Grillage and packing are also used to level a steeply sloping site, giving a strong, stable base for the crane to sit on. Grillage has different grades, the best being hardwood, which is placed on the ground with packing and softwood grillage placed on top if necessary. Hardwood grillage is very heavy and is likely to require separate transport to site, so remember to mention that the site slopes, so that it can be costed in accurately.

The great British weather

Needless to say, there is not much any of us can do about the great British weather, so all crane hire companies will be affected by high winds making it unsafe to lift heavy items. Therefore, if your site is often affected by bad weather or a storm is forecast, it is a good idea to build in some flexibility to your schedule. If you can give a range of suitable dates then the likelihood is that the weather will cooperate on at least one of them.

Accessing the site

This leads us to narrow access – the only way this can be addressed is to have a range of vehicles of different sizes available as well as an experienced crane operator. Again, the lift plan is an important tool, as it will show how this can be overcome; possibly with a larger crane placed further away and with a longer arm, or with a smaller vehicle that can fit in a domestic driveway.

Trust your mobile crane operator

All of these potential pitfalls illustrate why it is so important to use a reputable and professional company willing to provide a full lift plan. Not only is the safety of the site staff and the lift team at stake, but the item being lifted and the surrounding structures and ground surfaces must be protected as well.

At Carter Crane Hire we are confident that we will provide exactly the service you should expect – safe, efficient and cost effective. Please contact us or telephone 01395 446 446 for more information on the services we provide.

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