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Carters is having a yard sale

It is amazing how quickly things accumulate over time. Carter’s Plant Hire has been in business for many years and, inevitably, we have updated and replaced many bits of equipment over the years.

The lockdown last Spring gave us an opportunity to evaluate what we have, what we want to hang on to and what we can afford to sell on to a new home. Things as diverse as:

  • traffic cones,

  • scaffold fittings,

  • digger buckets,

  • an accommodation unit,

  • a rotary topper, and

  • a large tipper trailer with a bespoke gooseneck connection.

… have all come to light – all of which we need to sell in order to make room in the yard for a new truck crane, which is due for delivery in the next few weeks.

Some items will be sold through ebay, allowing anyone interested to make an offer or ‘buy-it-now’ but feel free to contact us or telephone 01395 446 446 for more details on any of the items listed above.

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