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The glamorous world of crane hire - case study

Slurry - yes, this week Carter Plant Hire has been at a local farm helping with clearing a huge slurry tower. The job involved lifting a Bobcat, skip and several farm workers into the tower. They used the Bobcat to fill the skip, which was then lifted and emptied, before being set back into the tank. So far it has taken two days, but may well carry on into a third.

As with every job, safety has been at the top of the agenda. A man cage was used to get the workers into the tank, and there were clear rules in place when the skip was lifted in and out of the tower to ensure personnel were well protected and away from the lift zone.

A slightly unusual job, if you have a job that is out of the ordinary, Carter Plant Hire will be happy to look at it for you. Please contact us or telephone 01395 446446.

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