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Green energy – Lifting an anaerobic digestion plant drier unit

We have just completed an interesting job for Hartnoll Farms and Business Centre at Tiverton – lifting a drier unit with DP grain feed end and main spinner into place. This may not mean much to you (or to me before the job started) but it is an important part of their sustainability drive.

The business has an onsite anaerobic digestion (AD) plant, which facilitates the controlled breakdown of organic matter in a large closed dome to produce odour-free biogas and fertiliser. The biogas is used to power the Business Centre while the fertiliser is used on the surrounding farmland.

By drying the grain, which is stored outside, before it is used in the AD plant a more effective fuel can be achieved, making it more efficient. Any excess power generated by the plant can be sold to the National Grid.

Carter Plant Hire was asked to lift the new drying equipment into place on a concrete platform. The main unit weighed around 10 tonnes and we used spreader beams to ensure that the metal shell was protected during the lift.

Spreader beams are often used when lifting caravans for exactly the same reason – to avoid damaging the delicate shell of the mobile home by only lifting the robust chassis and holding the lifting straps away from the sides and top edges.

Follow the link to find out more about sustainability at the Hartnoll Business Centre.

If you would like to get further details on any of the services offered by Carter Plant Hire, please contact us or telephone 01395 446 446.

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