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Storm damage to trees - crane hire can help

Storms with high winds can often cause extensive tree damage and in many cases a crane is needed to remove the main trunk, which is where Carter Crane Hire can help… Being based in a rural area as we are, Carter Crane Hire is frequently called in to deal with fallen or dead trees and to assist tree surgeons with removing the heaviest trunks. This is usually fairly straightforward work although the same attention to health and safety with a full Lift Plan and risk assessment is still required. In some cases a road may have to be closed whilst a fallen tree is moved, requiring consent from the local Highways Authority – this is rarely a problem, as the tree is likely to be a safety concern for traffic and pedestrians.

When a tree is damaged in a built-up area, the potential for collateral damage is obviously much higher. Usually, we can take time to plan its removal and book in a time to suit all. In the worst cases houses, sheds, garages, vehicles and, unfortunately, people can all be affected, so, in these cases, there are likely to be a number of agencies working together to resolve the situation.

Thankfully, emergency situations are rare – most tree work is planned in advance and can be done in a less pressurized environment. The Appointed Person (who is often the crane operator as well) will have liaised with the tree surgeons and landowner to confirm access and egress points, the condition of the ground (it must be stable enough to take the weight of heavy lifting equipment) and the proximity over underground and overhead hazards, in order to produce a comprehensive Lift Plan before work starts. Having different sizes of crane available makes a difference as well – there is no need for a 50-tonne crane if a 35-tonne model or a HIAB with crane attachment will do the job and it will be more cost-effective. Carter Crane Hire has a variety of vehicles suitable for this sort of work. If you would like more information on the services provided by the Carter Group please contact us or telephone 01395 446 446.

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