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Tandem lifts – a specialist skill

Inevitably, some lifts are more tricky than others. For example, lifting any very large object, such as in civil engineering projects or maybe an ocean-going yacht with a delicate hull, often requires two, or more, cranes working together to ensure a smooth, safe operation. This is called a tandem lift.

Carter Plant Hire often works with an international luxury yacht company in Plymouth and the biggest of their models can require up to four cranes working together to lift the hull into the water or onto the back of a low loader. As you can imagine, this requires a delicate touch and a high level of expertise, as multiple Crane Operators and Slinger/Signallers have to coordinate their actions to ensure a safe and successful lift.

Any tandem operation is classed as ‘complex lift’ and requires a Lift Supervisor. For a relatively straightforward vertical lift a Lift Supervisor and only one Signaller may be needed but any operation that includes an element of rotation is likely to need additional Signallers even where radio communication is used.

Needless to say, Carter Plant Hire can fulfil all of these requirements and is happy to quote for crane hire, whether for a single crane or a full tandem lift.

If you would like to get further details on any of the services offered by Carter Plant Hire, please contact us or telephone 01395 446 446.

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