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The difference between CPA Contract Lift and standard CPA Crane Hire

Before you even think about which type of crane you need, you first need to decide which type of crane hire is best for you – do you simply require a crane and operator or do you need a more comprehensive service?

In which case, a professional plant hire company such as Carter’s is ideal. We can plan the operation, provide the equipment with a trained team of professionals and then fulfil the whole lift process on your behalf complying with all of the regulations and providing insurance. Alternatively, we are happy to hire just the crane and its operator. The choice is yours.

Standard CPA Crane Hire

CPA stands for the Construction Plant Hire Association, the industry body for professional hire companies. They provide the standard contract forms used by most suppliers.

If you don’t require an appointed person, then you can just hire a mobile crane and operator – it’s that simple. A fully working and well-maintained crane will be available to you for however long you need it. However, the crane will be your responsibility to insure whilst it is on your site.

Industries including construction and big infrastructure projects regularly hire mobile cranes with just a crane operator. Many companies prefer to be responsible for planning the lift themselves, which is why they opt for standard CPA Crane Hire rather than CPA Contract Lift Hire.

CPA Contract Lift Hire

CPA Contract Lift Hire differs from standard CPA Crane Hire as it ensures that all aspects of the lift are the responsibility of the crane hire company rather than you, the customer.

You can hire a crane and its accessories with a crane operator, a fully qualified Appointed Person and any supplementary personnel needed. This way, the Appointed Person is able to use their expertise and experience to draw up a comprehensive lift plan and guide you through the whole lift process. The qualified crane operator will then work alongside your staff to carry out the lift safely.

With CPA contract lift hire from Carter Plant Hire, everything is taken care of from start to finish. This includes:

  • Expert advice and recommendations before and during the lift

  • A thorough site survey carried out by a qualified and competent Appointed Person with expert knowledge

  • A full site ground assessment to enable the crane to be rigged safely

  • Drawn up by the Appointed Person, a detailed: Lift Plan, Method Statement, Risk Assessment

  • Communication with the police if the lift requires road closures (usually only required for awkward crane rigging and lifts on public roads)

  • A mobile crane that has been maintained, serviced, tested and certified

  • Qualified and certified Lift Team including: Crane Operator, Appointed Person, Lift Supervisor and Slinger/Signaler

  • Any additional lifting equipment

When you opt for Contract Lift hire, Carters Plant Hire will choose the correct, safest and most economical crane for the job. We will also ensure that the lifting operation meets all health and safety standards from start to finish. Our team at Carter Crane Hire will only work in a safe environment and are competent and safety conscious at all times, including following all recommendations on PPE and social distancing measures related to coronavirus.

Get in touch with Carter Crane Hire

We are experts in everything to do with lifting, so we will make the process of hiring a crane with standard CPA Crane Hire or CPA Contract Lift Hire straightforward. We like to think of ourselves as a one-stop-shop for all your lifting needs.

Our competent person would be happy to come out on-site and do a free, no obligation site survey. We can also generate a thorough and detailed method statement for you. We will do all we can to ensure the safety ad success of your lifting operations.

For further information on any aspect of our services, please contact us or telephone 01395 446446

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